Our pricing

Scalable to your needs

Each partnership starts with a 1-month onboarding process. There is a one-time 1900 charge for this. After onboarding, we continue working with the subscription that fits your goals and needs.

€1.900/ m
5 - 10 appointments
1 - 2 target groups
Dashboard & Analytics
Campaign monitoring
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€3.200/ m
10 - 20 appointments
2 - 3 target groups
Custom reporting
Bi-weekly evaluation
Get Started
Contact sales
x - y appointments
4 or more target groups
Daily support
CRM Integration
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Frequently Asked Questions

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How long does it take to set-up a prospecting campaign?

How do we define a lead?

Are you available during the campaigns?

Do I get the details of prospects who do not respond or are uninterested?

How do you schedule meetings with our sales staff?

Do you send emails from the name of one of our own employees?

We have leads and conversations, but we close few deals. Help!?